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Massage and Its Different Types
An Asian massage is one of the most ancient forms of massages around the world. It is still practiced today because of the considerable benefits it provides to the mind and the body. Originating in India and other Far East countries many centuries ago, the Asian massage Beijing has evolved into different forms, such as Thai massage, Chinese massage, Indonesian massage, and the Japanese Shiatsu.
As more and more people become interested in holistic ways of exercise, yoga for example, the trend contributes positively towards the popularity of an Asian massage in Beijing.    
Different Types of Asian Massage Beijing
Thai Massage
Originated in Thailand, as apparent from the name, it is a branch of Thai Traditional Medicine (TTM). A Thai technique is considered to be a medical treatment to prevent various ailments. The receiver of the massage is required to have different positions that are quite similar to yoga, aiming to get their bodies rejuvenated and energized. 
In this oil tratment, the therapist identifies pressure points, and uses breathing and stretching techniques. The use of oils is not required in a Thai . A typical Thai oil session lasts for at least two hours.
Chinese Session
When it comes to choosing a Chinese therapy, you need to select from the following two different kinds of Chinese massages:
Tui Na
It focuses on stretching, kneading and pushing the muscles. Tui Na is also known for its effective massage techniques that can be used to prevent both chronic and acute musculoskeletal conditions.
Zhi Ya
This one focuses on pressing and pinching acupressure points. When using the acupressure method, massage therapists exert pressure on the trigger points of the massage recipient, such as the skeletal muscles by the elbow, hand, or acupressure devices. 
Though both forms of Chinese relaxing have different applications, there is something common among these massages, i.e. they comprise of techniques that are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Japanese Shiatsu
In Japanese, shiatsu refers to “finger pressure.” This type of Asian massage is a form of alternative medicine that consists of palm and finger pressure, along with stretches and other techniques used in a massage. According to Japanese Shiatsu practitioners, this type of oil  is useful in terms of relaxing people who want to get rid of stress, nausea, muscle pain, depression, and anxiety. In addition, it is popular for enhancing circulatory function, and improving the nervous system.                                                                                                                         
Indonesian Javanese Massage
Practiced for over four-thousand years, the Indonesian Javanese oil therapy is popular for different varieties of therapeutic oils used in it. Unlike different types of Western massages, Indonesian Javanese massage includes techniques that have been designed to provide deep stimulation. Tense muscles are relieved quickly with the help of thumb pushing.
In addition, an Indonesian Javanese relaxing is highly effective for the treatment of sport injuries. It has also been proven useful to treat muscular pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. The sessions of this oil technique last about an hour.  
Finding a Practitioner 
Since the trend of adapting various relaxing techniques is becoming common, you can easily look for Beijing Asian massage therapists online. If you do not know any such massage practitioner, you can ask a yoga instructor or acupuncturist to provide you with a reference.



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